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Commercial photography & videography to tell your brand’s story

Let us help tell your brand’s unique story and connect with your audience with beautiful visuals and compelling cinematography.




Nothing but captivating imagery and compelling cinematography.


Meet the Team


Roam Free Visuals is a commercial photography & videography studio based in Oregon. We offer services in content creation and website design, combining creativity and stunning visuals to help brands tell their unique story, create an impact, and authentically connect with their audience.

Our founder Rebecca is a professional commercial photographer and native Oregonian. She spend her days creating content for brands, traveling the world, and teaching others how to improve their own photography through her social media accounts and blog.






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Roam Free

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Content Creation

Collaboration with Travellers Autobarn to help the brand transition from an Australian market to an American market and create more content for Traveller Autobarn’s website, social media accounts, and email newsletter. Content was creating during a week-long California coast road trip. Highlights: increased bookings, brand awareness, and website views, as well as over 15,000 impressions on sponsored posts.

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